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EzGrader™ is a powerful new TOOL available to stamp collectors which allows you to easily determine the centering ( ie Grades such as F, VF , XF ) & measure the perforations of your stamps. See for yourself , see the POWER. Take the TEST !
  An invaluable tool for any stamp collector! Give it a try !
EzGrader™ , the astounding success at WORLD STAMP EXPO, STAMP SHOW 2000 and the NY MEGA EVENTS, is now available direct to you.The ALL New EzGrader v1.77 Now Available
The Ez Way to Grade & Perf your stamps !
Watch the EzGrader Video:  EzGrader: Stamp Grading Software Video
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General Info on EzGrader
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  • Ezgrader™ Press Release
  • The all New EzGrader - the most intuitive & easy to use philatelic TOOL to ever come along.  EzGrader is powerful & easy to use. By simply scanning in your stamp, EzGrader will be able to determine the centering of your stamp and assign a grade to it such as F, VF, XF .. AND it can also measure the perforations of your stamp !
  • Have a look at what you can do with EzGrader ! Once you use it, you will never have to argue anymore as to the centering of  stamp. EzGrader will eGrade & ePerf your stamps !
  • EzGrader is such a useful tool, it can pay for itself the first time you use it ! Click here to see how !
  • Internet Special! $59.99 (no s/h ) ( US Funds )
Insight Into EzGrader
  • EzGraderwill accept most popular image formats ( BMP, JPG ) . It will also print out an eGrade™ certificate so you have a detailed record of your stamp & it's measurements !

  • Download a FREE , fully functional version to try before you buy! 
  • Available via email or regular mail !
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