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EzGrader™ is a powerful new TOOL available to stamp collectors which allows you to easily determine the centering of your stamps (ie Grades such as F, VF , XF) & measure the perforations of your stamps.
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  • EzGrader™ Press Release
  • The all New EzGrader - the most intuitive & easy to use Stamp Gradin Software.  EzGrader is powerful & easy to use. By simply scanning in your stamp, EzGrader will be able to determine the centering of your stamp and assign a grade to it such as F, VF, XF .. AND it can also measure the perforations of your stamp!
  • Get a competitive edge when bidding for stamp by knowing the true grade of the stamp!
  • Have a look at what you can do with EzGrader! Once you use it, you will never have to argue anymore as to the centering of  stamp. EzGrader will eGrade & ePerf your stamps!
  • EzGrader is such a useful tool, it can pay for itself the first time you use it !  Click Here to See How!
  • Download Special! $59.99 (no s/h ) (US Funds)
  • EzGraderwill accept most popular image formats ( BMP, JPG ) . It will also print out an eGrade™ certificate so you have a detailed record of your stamp & it's measurements !

  • Download a FREE , fully functional version to try before you buy! 
  • Available as a download (save s/h fees) or CD/USB.
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