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We are pleased to announce that EzGraderô is Available now ...
  An invaluable tool for any stamp collector. Give it a try !
Comments from our customers...

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ezcommentssmall.jpg (3286 bytes)Iíve been using EZ Grader for over 8 years and Iím still amazed at how effective it is when looking at stamp auctions. It makes the decision on which stamps to bid on that much easier and I absolutely love the program. Would not bid on anything without it.   Robert M.
ezcommentssmall.jpg (3286 bytes)I really love EZGrader.  I purchase quite a few stamps on eBay and I continually 
get annoyed at sellers grading their stamps 2 or 3 grades higher then they really are. 
Sometimes it is too hard to tell, but with this software at least I have the math to back 
up my purchases.  K.D.
ezcommentssmall.jpg (3286 bytes)I've been using the EzGrader and EzImage software I got from you folks and I love it. Thanks!!!!  Pat W.
ezcommentssmall.jpg (3286 bytes)Normally i do not comment on any product, but i must say that this software by far is the best investment i have ever made. 
Thanks for this great product.    Michele L.
ezcommentssmall.jpg (3286 bytes)I love this program and have graded some 3000+ stamps and never buy without using it. 
I have found some wonderful buys using this - paid 10.68 for a C-7 graded 98 - another 496 coil single 
I purchased 14.00 and I got a PSE 100.  I love this program - nothing else like it.    B. Scott
ezcommentssmall.jpg (3286 bytes)I am finding EzGrader the best investment I have made in determining the centering 
quality of stamps purchased on eBay            Tom J.
ezcommentssmall.jpg (3286 bytes)About a month ago I used EzGrader for the first time. What a marvel! 
These three programs ( EzStamp, AlbumGen & EzGrader )have made my experience with
stamp collecting a real adventure and definitely expanded my knowledge of the field.
I look forward to seeing your new projects.
Regards,  G.C.
ezcommentssmall.jpg (3286 bytes)Marios, Works great! I would recommend this software to any collector serious about the quality 
of stamps they are buying. Many thanks again - great customer service. Tom J
ezcommentssmall.jpg (3286 bytes)I'm having a blast.  It sure helps in evaluating stamps for sale, especially the pricier ones. 
Sellers always seem to grade a bit higher, and then some, than EzGrader.  EzGrader is a 
superior product that moves my understanding of stamps years ahead.  Keep up the excellent work. 
EzGrader has my recommendation all the way.   CSM (ret) R. Thomas Detchemendy
ezcommentssmall.jpg (3286 bytes)I have used this product so many times and have found it so indespensible in my stamp collecting hobby.
I really love this program. The product is so good. Yours truly,        Tony Krusz
ezcommentssmall.jpg (3286 bytes)FYI, used EzGrader for the first time over the weekend.  Struggled a bit at first getting 'clean' images for EzGrader to use. 
Figured that problem out and learned that what you or others think you see is frequently not what is.  If EzGrader scores a 
stamp well, then the stamp is well and truly centered.  If EzGrader scores a stamp more modestly, it truly is what it is with no 
emotion, no pride of ownership and no subjective considerations in the calculations.  Makes me wonder why more
do not use EzGrader.   Donald La Mar, MidAmerica Gift Certificate Company
ezcommentssmall.jpg (3286 bytes)I just wanted to tell you that you did a marvelous job of creating the software. Once I learn it better 
I know I will love it. I am a computer technician but not a Programmer. You have done an A++++ job !!!!!!! Thanks.  D.B.
ezcommentssmall.jpg (3286 bytes)I found your EZGrader software extremely useful   F.J.
ezcommentssmall.jpg (3286 bytes)I have just installed my copy of EZ Grader and I love it!  The program installed without a hitch
and using it is a no brainer.    Marty G.
ezcommentssmall.jpg (3286 bytes)It works fine, has an easy interface. I am impressed with the interface and like its ease of use.
Thanks,    E.S.
ezcommentssmall.jpg (3286 bytes)I want to be the first to announce EZGRADER which is in fact the most advanced piece of stamp collecting sofware
EVER in HISTORY! This software gives you a better grade of your stamp than ANYTHING EVER -EVER- in History.   I suppose we
should not be surprised since we are in a technology age.   Anyone have anything better?    (Big laugh!) 
This IS the best software EVER produced for philately.   And you can quote me on that!!!! 
Greg Deeter
ezcommentssmall.jpg (3286 bytes)From what i've seen so far of your current programs they will be the leaders in the industry.
I think your programs are the best.      M.M, Freeway Supplies
ezcommentssmall.jpg (3286 bytes)Hi, Marios. This thing (EzGrader) is fun to play with! The grading part of the program is just
great. With one exception, I've totally agreed with every grade it has given.       G.I.
ezcommentssmall.jpg (3286 bytes)Tried EzGrader today and I love it.     R.L.R.

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